Miami Graffiti is the first site like this in the world. An openly submittable picture database of graffiti history for a specific part of the world. It is a site composed of a massive collection of pictures of various graffiti art done in and around the South Florida / Miami / Ft. Lauderdale areas. Users can submit their own flicks with relevant information attached. Anyone can browse flicks by writer, crew, location, or date, and also submit updates on existing submissions so the information becomes more accurate on the site.

To contact the site staff, send an email to admin at miamigraffiti dot com
We will not respond to people who have not familiarized themselves with graffiti etiquette and fundamentals.

Keep in mind that this site and its administrators DO NOT get involved in, start, or perpetuate beef.

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DISCLAIMER: This site is for entertainment purposes. It is not our responsibility to determine legality or legitimacy of photos. As such it is assumed that all photos showing apparent 'criminal activity' are assumed to be visual illusions created in photo editing software. This site does not condone, promote or intend to further any illegal activities. All pictures are posted assuming the artist had permission from the property owner, and the photographer has given permission to use the picture. The site has no intent to show any form of promotion to break the law. Any pictures that are proven to promote illegal activities, or that the original photographer prefers not to be displayed, will be removed.