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Writer: PORNO SK Crew: STV WH KBT Location: MIAMI Date: 2011 Submitter:

Writer: Krave Crew: AD Location: Dam Wall Date: September 2003 Submitter:

Writer: Keds Crew: DAM Location: Bronx Ny Date: 1992 Submitter: chunkee 360

Writer: Kapow Crew: STA Location: North Miami Date: Submitter:

Writer: Sicks Crew: WH KBT Location: Europe Date: Submitter:

Writer: TEEZ NEET Crew: DFC DME Location: Date: AUG2011 Submitter: OMO ELEGGUA

Writer: Nemz Lamas Crew: XTC TIS Location: Date: Submitter:

Writer: Quirk Crew: UG TRD Location: Freight Date: 2011 Submitter:

Writer: Tonek Crew: ATV BLT Location: BODY Date: Submitter:

Writer: Delv Mek Crew: AIM Location: Trailer - 19th & US-1 Date: 2001 Submitter: Martim F. Lucena