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Writer: Dexone Crew: NP Location: Breasts Date: Submitter: flowerpower

Writer: BANE Crew: RM Location: Allapattah Date: 2016 Submitter:

Writer: Sifos Crew: JFK Location: Wynwood Date: 2017 Submitter: susie

Writer: Vise Crew: 7UP Location: 79 St Date: 7/17/2016 Submitter: godfather

Writer: SET Crew: GCO Location: Florida Railroad Tracks Date: January 2016 Submitter: Punisher

Writer: OG SWEL1 Crew: DTD Location: Orange County Date: 2017 Submitter:

Writer: Kerse Crew: THC Location: Box Truck Date: 2016 Submitter:

Writer: Quema Crew: ALS Location: West Miami Date: Dec. 2016 Submitter: Spacewolfe

Writer: TEEZ Crew: 7UP DME LP DFC Location: MIAMI Date: 2016 Submitter: MIRALOOOO

Writer: Only Smerk Mtea Crew: TKC Location: I-95 Sunrise Date: Submitter: