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Writer: Sege Crew: MSG Location: Agripost Penit Date: 1995 Submitter:

Writer: Crook Crome Crew: MSG Location: I-95 & 119th St. - Trailer Date: 200? Submitter:

Writer: Alot Crew: KBT Location: Freight Date: Submitter:

Writer: Year Janic Crew: 8UP Location: Date: 2007 Submitter:

Writer: HELM FUME Crew: KBT EP FS WH WGE STV YNC Location: Freight Date: 2011 Submitter: JEGS

Writer: TEEZ AL KLEEN Crew: DFC DME Location: METRORAIL Date: 2004 Submitter: OMO ELEGGUA

Writer: STAB Crew: VCR NBF Location: Churchills Date: 2011 Submitter:

Writer: Jurz Crew: AA LMA Location: Woods Date: Submitter:

Writer: Janic Gane Crew: Y2K Location: Date: Submitter: