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Writer: Ceas Crew: GC Location: Miami Date: 2016 Submitter: frankgceas

Writer: Runs Crew: COF RM Location: Date: 2016 Submitter:

Writer: TEEZ Crew: 7UP DME LP Location: PENIT Date: 12/15 Submitter: MIRAAALLOOO

Writer: Smash Crew: DTT FS Location: Far Away Date: 2014 Submitter:

Writer: Sefer Crew: COF RM Location: Date: Submitter:

Writer: Agent Crew: CMS Location: WEST HIALEAH Date: 08192013 Submitter: AGENT

Writer: Don Crew: VO5 Location: Wall Date: 2014 Submitter: IT`s NOT GRAFFITI

Writer: Sign Crew: MSG 28 BUK50 IRIES Location: Pompano Date: 2014 Submitter: That Guy

Writer: Verse Meps Crew: CT IGA 004 Location: Railbox Date: 2014 Submitter:

Writer: Verse Ticoe Crew: CT TBD 004 Location: I95 Walkway Date: 2014 Submitter: