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Writer: Wake Crew: DFC MDK Location: Compound Date: 2015 Submitter: jaynasty

Writer: AGENT Crew: CMS Location: WEST HIALEAH Date: 05162013 Submitter: AGENT

Writer: Verse TIcoe Meps Crew: CT TBD IGA 004 Location: Off Of I95 Date: 2014 Submitter:

Writer: TEEZ TERMS META4 VICE KVEE DOT SINSE CRONS Crew: 7UP Location: 004 CONNEC Date: OCT 2014 Submitter: omo eleggua

Writer: Verse Ticoe Crew: CT TBD 004 Location: 395 - Watson Island Date: 2014 Submitter:

Writer: Vago Crew: ACS Location: Miami Date: 2014 Submitter: ween

Writer: Nome Mesa Crew: HS FLS ACK EMS Location: Freight Date: aug 2014 Submitter: m_boogie

Writer: LULU ELITE Crew: SSK COF RM Location: CFS Date: July 2014 Submitter: CitizenBANE

Writer: Nolow Crew: THE Location: Hialeah Warehouse Date: 2013 Submitter:

Writer: Bogl Crew: RB Location: Bird Road Date: October 1st, 2012 Submitter: Tico