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Writer: Wake Crew: DFC MDK Location: Hialeah Date: 2019 Submitter:

Writer: Eye Neem Crew: BOM Location: Date: 1988 Submitter: EYE

Writer: Sifos Crew: JFK Location: Wynwood Date: 2017 Submitter:

Writer: Eazy Crew: WSB Location: Ft Lauderdale Date: May 2018 Submitter: JohnHatcher

Writer: Abomb Crew: HRT Location: Bronx Handball Ct - Crotona park Date: 1993 Submitter: 12 oz Story: late nite piecing with id,mw,tmc,ihs,hrt crews shie,edec,ease,ces,clark,erotica,dash,bom5

Writer: Esto Crew: IH Location: Wall Date: 2016 Submitter: inkhabitz

Writer: Edec Crew: IH Location: Hialeah Warehouse Trackside Date: December 1994 Submitter: soul.Rebels

Writer: HELM Crew: EP KBT WH STV Location: Date: Submitter: cuh

Writer: Coler Mos Crew: Location: Hialeah Date: 2018 Submitter: zero cool

Writer: Mos Crew: TW Location: Downtown Date: 99 Submitter: zero kool